Sunday, October 3, 2010

Boo, the new guy . . .

Haven't been blogging since Windows crashed late last week.  I've been way too busy at work to do anything there and Mark's computer is really frustrating to me.  First of all, it's sloooooow, slow, slow.  And second, the keyboard is a regular flat one that I can't type on worth a darn.  Both my home and work computers have those Goldtouch keyboards that are shaped like an inverted "V" so your hands are in the same position they would be in if you were about to clap. 
 I guess I COULD change it out with mine, but my new computer will arrive tomorrow so I'm just going to wait (and type two fingers at a time for now!)

It's been quite a week.  First, the blood donor dog that Torri told me about ("Bouchon" -- now "Boo") is definitely going to be coming to live with us.  He is absolutely the sweetest boy I'm met since Ben.  In fact, he reminds me so much of Ben that if he weren't 7 years old I'd be certain he was Ben reincarnated.  Torri brought him over to the vet school on Friday to meet Joey while he was there for therapy, and they told me they got along just fine (see the video below). 

When he got here to the house, though, on what Joey feels is "his" turf, he was a lot more aggressive at first, but Boo pretty much ignored him and he calmed down.

When I went by to pick up Joey that afternoon, Boo was still there in one of the cages, but since no one else was around and I hadn't actually seen him, I wasn't entirely sure it was him, so I didn't open the cage.  He's so cute that I DID take pictures, though ... 

Friday evening, when Torri came to the barn she had Boo with her, so that's when I got to really meet him and I decided we definately should adopt him.  I got to see just how good he is with other dogs when the two dogs that belong to Al's son got out and came racing over to him.  One is a tiny Yorkie, the other a rat terrier -- both SUPER hyper.  They were jumping on him and running underneath him and the little Yorkie even nipped him on the nose and he did absolutely nothing but look at them.  That was the thing that finally convinced me absolutely that he would be perfect at our place. 

I don't remember if I mentioned it before, but the reason he is available for adoption is because he killed some of his former owner's goats.  He didn't eat them or tear them apart or anything really predator-like.  He just brought the dead goats up onto the porch like gifts for his owner.  Anyway, Al has miniature goats and at one point he did stare in their direction.
But when I told him "NO!" he turned away and never looked back at them again.  Good boy!  And hey . . . we don't have goats anyway.  Torri will probably be bringing him over to our house this coming weekend.  Can't wait!

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