Wednesday, September 29, 2010


When I dropped Joey off at therapy this morning, Jennifer told me that Torri is planning to bring Bouchon in to LSU today and introduce him to Joey there on "neutral territory."   So I left my camera with her to take pictures of the meeting.  We'll see how it goes. 

If Bouchon can get along with Joey, I doubt he would have any problem with Rock.  When Joey sees any new dog he immediately starts to shriek.  Then if they don't come after him, he calms down and  just barks for a while.  But that initial scream just might be enough to set off Bouchon.  I guess we'll see.  At least they are there at LSU in case anyone gets bitten!

Mark went back to work again last night.  Just when the weather gets cool enough to be able to work comfortably, of COURSE he had to leave.  But Jerry is coming by this weekend to get those couple hundred posts painted black so that Mark can put the brackets on there and get the fencing run when he comes home.   Slowly but surely . . .

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