Sunday, September 26, 2010


We made our annual pilgrimage to Morten's in Mandeville with Janet and Mike this afternoon.  Nice.  But it sure seems a lot farther since they moved away from Hammond!

We usually go down there on our anniversary since that's where we went on our first date, but Mark was offshore for that this year so we went today for my birthday instead.  Hey - works for me! 

Before we drove down there, we stopped by Janet and Mike's to see how their remodeling project is going.  They're only adding a few new cabinets, really, plus a small island, but I couldn't believe the difference it's going to make in that kitchen!  The effect is going to be huge.  The island is going to be movable and with the layout of that kitchen, it will be possible to place it in several different positions, depending on the number of people hanging out in there. 

In addition to the cabinets added in the kitchen itself, ALL those cabinets along the hall on the back right above will now have both pull-out drawers AND lights inside.  That's going to make all those cabinets really REALLY useful now. 

And they got their beautiful new cypress front door installed ...
AND the MOST gorgeous curved brick entry staircase built.  There's going to be a nice concrete cap on the sides of the staircase - that's why those tarps are on there. 

Once they get that circular drive built in front, and the landscaping added - wow!  That house is going to look SO elegant.

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