Saturday, September 25, 2010

And we continue to march . . .

The new dog yard fence has been up a couple weeks, but I have had to go out with them whenever they go out -- no fun in the middle of the night -- since Rocky managed to squeeze under once already.  (He IS a Catahoula, after all.)

So today Jerry and Mark spent the day "escape-proofing" the dog yard.  That entails cutting a roll of wire mesh in half lengthwise, and fastening it to the bottom of the chain link fence so that it drapes out into the dog yard. 

Then you have to go along and twist EACH wire around the bottom of the chain link to be sure they can't pull it off.  Then concrete stepping stones are placed on top of the wire all the way down the fence line to hold it in place until the grass grows up through the wire.  Ultimately, the wire will actually disappear into the grass and you won't even be able to tell it's there.

It's been quite a project.  Leaning over to do that wire twisting for an entire day can't have been fun.

But on the plus side, I can once more just open the door and go back to bed if someone has to go out at night.  Yeaaaaaaaaa!!!

So now we have the big dog yard above AND a second secure dog yard on the side of the house where I can always foster an anti-social type if that's ever necessary.  That second yard opens into a separate dog room inside the garage rather than directly into the house so I don't use it for Joey and Rock at all at the moment.  But we left it in place because that's where the air conditioners and the generator are.  Can't hurt to leave those secured in a locked yard.

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