Friday, September 24, 2010

Encouraging video of horse with LOTS of problems

Someone who happened across my blog after a Google search re "DSLD" e-mailed me and let me know about another blog entitled "My Horse has DSLD-ESPA" (thank you, Susan!).   There's  all kinds of information on there that I've been slowly wading through.  But today I finally clicked on the video shown on the home page entitled "Freitag Entwicklung 2009 2010" showing a German horse with DSLD, Cushings, and laminitis with penetration of the coffin bone.   Oh my.   Just thinking about it makes me cry again.  The poor darling can barely move.  You just know that this horse is about to die.  But then the video moves forward and shows him after six months on Dr. Kellon's treatment regime.  I've never seen anything like it.   It makes me feel finally like there's hope for Lizzie after all.  Please, please, please go see it.  DSLD/ESPA video: "There's hope!"

Thanks again, Susan.  Whenever I get depressed again about this whole thing, I'll be watching that video again . . . and again . . . and AGAIN. 

Tonight Mark and I are going down to Colonial Stables for an Extreme Horsemanship competition.  Lori will be competing on a horse that belongs to someone at her church, but she's also hauling Pops over there to start getting him used to being around all those people and horses.  Should be fun!  Stay tuned -- I'm going to take pictures.

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