Thursday, September 23, 2010


I got back to the house from the barn this evening, sat down,  and suddenly realized  . . . I AM NOT SWEATING! 

How the heck did THAT happen??? 

Oh, I know . . . it's the first day of fall!  Fall is my absolute favorite time of year and it's finally HERE.  Wonderful! 

AND -- Torri told me today that Rebecca is moving her horses next weekend !  Hooray!  Now all three of our horses will have their own stalls there at Al's place from next weekend until our barn is finished and ready for them to come home (SOON, I hope).  I am so thrilled.  Since we got Lizzie, every time a bad storm came up I had to decide who to bring in and who to leave outside.  That just killed me.  Now I won't EVER have to do that again.   That is such a relief. 

On the sad side, though -- Torri tells me she's going to have to put Sugarfoot, her rescue horse, down soon.  Her COPD has suddenly gotten much much worse and she is just not doing at all well.  She was going to be put down before Torri took her in, though.  So even though she never gave in enough to allow them to really handle her completely, she HAS had a couple of very good years as a pasture ornament, and I know she must be grateful for that.  But poor Torri - this is so hard for her.  She's been putting this off for well over 6 months now.  I can only imagine how awful she must feel. 

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