Monday, September 20, 2010

Lizzie, Lizzie, Lizzie

Well, I got a note from Dr. Mero today that is not particularly good news:

Just based on your history, the exam findings of your vet, and the measurements of the ultrasounds (without seeing the scans themselves) - it is certainly possible the mare does have early to mid DSLD.  I am sorry but I cannot diagnose her with certainty based on the findings so far.  But I do think there is enough in her history and exam to warrant repeat exams in 6 mos. or more and to treat her as your friend's horse has been.  Though to be truthful I have never really seen any treatment work over the very long haul for DSLD. 
This might be a case where you could consider having a nuchal biopsy done if Dr. Halper is still looking a them.  She is the last researchers left on this disease.  Her name is Jaroslava Hallper, M.D. and she is at the University of Georgia.  It might come back equivical as well.  But if you want more information it would be the next step.
So what I'm going to do is start Lizzie on the herbs and things that Impreso (DSLD positive) is on AND on the Pergolide for Cushings AND on the arthritis supplements and chiropractor visits that help with arthritis.  True, if I do all three it may well make it more difficult to know what exactly is wrong, but if I only choose one initially, and the problem is something else, she will suffer.  So . . . 

Ann called in the pergolide prescription to the pharmacy up in New Jersey this morning and they called to confirm it a few minutes ago.  It's supposed to get here later this week.  Her allergy test will be sent out on Tuesday, so we should have that info in another week or so, and we can try and get rid of anything it identifies that may be making her itch.  At this point, I don't even care about not being able to ride her.  I just want her to feel halfway decent.

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