Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Getting started with Lizzie

Lizzie's vet didn't make it back out today after all -- she didn't finish with another client up in Folsom yesterday and had to go back up there today, so they called to say she won't make it out until Thursday to draw Lizzie's allergy test sample.  Oh, well.  What's a few days after all this time, right?

But her special shampoo and the cortisone leave-in conditioner she suggested DID arrive (along with another couple fly masks so I won't have to wash fly masks EVERY day), so I left work a little early today and got her shampooed, rinsed, REshampooed, rinsed, re-rinsed, and RE-re-rinsed, then put that conditioner on her, and cleaned and medicated both her ears.  Whew!   The two of us were equally soaked by the time we finished up. 

Got a UPS tracking number today too saying the Pergolide for the Cushings will get here on Thursday. 

And while we were all over at the barn this evening, I got the phone number from Torri of that vet from Colorado who does the "aqua-puncture" and chiropractic work.

So -- we're on our way.

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