Monday, September 13, 2010

Hmm. Interesting suggestion

I was telling my boss this morning about Joey's propensity for freaking out anytime anything gets moved or changed in areas he's familiar with.  In one way John is very much like Mark.  You talk to them about something and you think it's over and you've practically forgotten about the whole thing when they turn back up and start discussing the topic again as if you had just finished the earlier conversation five minutes ago!  At any rate, a few minutes ago (at 4 this afternoon!) John sat down in my office and suggested I put Joey outside, then move a few major pieces of furniture and PUT DOG TREATS ON THEM before letting Joey back in.  He suggests that if I do that a few times a day for a few days, he will probably come to feel that changes in his environment are a GOOD thing and not a scary thing.  

Hmmm.  You know . . . I think that could work!  Joey has an incredibly acute sense of smell -- much better than any of the other dogs I've had -- so it's very likely he actually would smell the treats even before he noticed the changes in the furniture.  I am definitely going to give that a shot!

Hey - this may be just the incentive I need to get me off my butt and get that bedroom and closet rearranged!!

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