Sunday, September 12, 2010

Another weekend down the drain . . .

Had a long list of things I wanted to do this weekend.  At the top of the list was rearranging the bedroom and our closet.  So what did I get done?  Horse stuff.

Yep.  That's it. 

Yesterday, I picked up all the supplies - feed, shavings, beet pulp, alfalfa, grooming stuff.  Cleaned out all the stalls and refilled the shavings.  Cleaned up the horses.  Hauled home all their feed containers (2 huge garbage bags full of them).

Today I spent the whole day washing all their fly masks and their feed containers -- 90 of them!  I stuck them in the dishwashers, but it took 4 loads.  And since they're plastic, the dishwashers didn't dry them completely.  So . . .  I finally filled up the drier with them and set it on "air only" and listened to them clang around in there for 15 minutes a load -- three loads!  Hey - it sounded horrendous,  but it worked! 

Then I decided it was just too darned hot to fill them all up over at the barn.  It is sooo incredibly hot in there, even when its fairly cool outside.  But it's still in the upper 90's down here with that awful humidity that fogs up your glasses and makes you blind when you walk outside, so I hauled three sacks of horse feed, a bale of alfalfa and all their supplements back home from the barn and filled up the containers in the kitchen!  It actually turned out to be way easier here at the house than at the barn anyway, since all those containers actually fit on the island at the same time.  At the barn I have to do it in several sets.

So at this point, the rack at the barn is neatly filled with two weeks worth of horse feed in pristine containers -- while the kitchen is a total disaster!  Except the floor, that is.  That new Strategy Healthy Edge stuff really MUST be good.  I knew the horses loved it, but the dogs actually cleaned up all the bits that fell onto the floor while I was filling the containers.  Amazing.

But the bedroom and the closet still look just like they've always looked -- a complete mess.  We added that 8 X 20 closet a few years ago thinking it would be large enough that we'd be able to keep all our things neatly organized. Ha!  The thing is overflowing just like the old tiny ones used to be.  And I'll bet 60% of the stuff in there hasn't been worn in all that time.  Mark and I both need to go through everything and stop telling ourselves that we may be "that size" again one day and just get rid of it all.  If we ever are "that size" again, the stuff will be outdated anyway!  I started to sort things out earlier in the week, but the only result has been that the dresser in there is now piled high with stuff that needs to be "donated" and the closet looks just that much MORE cluttered.

Well - maybe next weekend.

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