Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Hey - I'm finally BACK!

I lost my computer -- who knows why . . . I turned it off over night, but when I turned it on in the morning again like usual over SO many years it simply wasn't working after all those years!  Good grief!  So I bought a new computer, but I wasn't able to get it working as the old one was. We got a company that would come to our home and fix that computer for me but that wasn't possible yet.  So I took that computer over to Computer Heaven over on Oak Villa Blvd, just off of Florida Blvd just past Airline Highway.  And they repaired that old computer, but then I had to let the other guy at the house get it working again as it did previously. 

Since the guy who came to the house couldn't do what needed to be done, but those guys over there at Computer Heaven replaced all the things that weren't working and I got it back again just a few days later.  But then the guy who came to the house came back and fixed everything up from both that replaced computer AND the new one that I had gotten as well.  So now I have TWO functional computers.  I feel much better because if either one goes out like that one did a month or two ago, I'll still have another one that I can get online daily while someone works on the one that goes down.  So I feel a lot better because I use the computer EVERY day . . . generally two or three times a day!  

See - two huge computers!  And I got a new monitor that I'm using on my repaired computer so the previous monitor is over at that new computer there on the left.  But the new one is 32 inches wide so I can get two things at a time. Of course the previous monitor there on the left that's just 24 inches wide can also put in two things at a time as well but the right one needs to be narrower.  But hey - SURE glad to have them both!
See - here's the new computer and that new white printer.  That table there is the table that I took to work over at Taylor, Porter where I worked with a computer there for years and years and years.  When I retired, I returned that table and the chair so I'm happy to have that new computer and printer on that table.  Feels like my previous work!  

So here's that computer that I got repaired last month - and that nice new 32 inch wide monitor.  This is the area I was using that computer for years and years.  SO I'm sure glad to have it working again - happy to have it working back! 

Haven't written anything since the computer broke way back when.  So I hope I'll be able to return what all is happening here these days eventually.   I'm working on all the things on the computers at the moment, but I WILL let you know what's happening around our place eventually. 

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