Sunday, November 13, 2016

Well, SO many things have happened lately - and even MORE will be happening !

For one thing, I went over to the Orthopaedic Clinic over there on Bluebonnet Blvd. last week where they did my back injection for a third time!   My back doctor, Henry Eiserloh, has been really great ever since I had serious back pain decades ago.

The second time they did that back injection was back in 2011 and I felt perfectly fine until just a few weeks ago. But after that injection last week, I felt just fine again from the very next day! . . . sure love that doctor!  

So next we're dealing with a guy who's going to renovate our back porch!  That guy named Ricky Wilson (Home Repair Baton Rouge) came by last week and he is going to be fixing up a number of places here - not even just that porch. 

Ricky Wilson is currently fixing up some of those houses that got ruined in the flood last August, but he'll be dealing soon with our porch and some other things Mark wants done as well.  We're looking forward to him!
Of course it probably won't be until next month or so since he's redoing some of those houses that got covered with water last August.  But that porch has been miserable for several years so what's another month or two, huh?  No problem. But I'm really looking forward to the replacement of that BACK porch -- well, just half of it actually -- over just behind our master bedroom.  Well, it was even fairly nice previously. See, here are photos showing how it USED to look:

This was that original back porch with screens - and with those white metal things that kept the dogs from jumping onto those screens.

And I originally had a twin bed out there.

And here was the dog at the time - what a sweetie!

Those photos above were taken to begin with -- and with a dog even before we got Joey some years back.  But there was a  further change another few years later.  And here's that area of the porch that was updated and was certainly pretty nice -- way better than it is at the moment, that's for sure -- but it WAS just filled with screens so it wasn't all that great during super-hot summer or during the late winter.  Also those metal panels there at the bottom of the screens were on there to keep the dogs from pushing against the screens. But now soon when we redo that porch, those windows will contain entire thick GLASS -- NO screens.  So we won't need those metal panels in front anymore either so it'll be really nice to be able to look out those windows and see those entire back pastures and all those horses all the time.  Nice.  And we'll be able to go out ALL year since we've got a heating / air conditioner machine for there.  So with no open windows, it'll be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, just like inside!  

Here was that OLD portion of the back porch at least 6 years ago when we got Joey (he's sleeping there on that bigger bed) BEFORE we got Gigi.
See, looking out the back shows the entire pasture -- and there looking out the side you can obviously see the barn!

In fact, I had added a QUEEN bed (instead of that earlier twin one) -
so both my Joey puppy AND I could sleep on there together!
Then at night I used to close all those curtains to keep air from blowing in too much.
But that sure won't happen once we get the porch redone since it'll be clear GLASS all over on that whole porch instead of those screens!

But when we got the baby Cane Corso, Gigi, back in 2014 she ended up REALLY screwing up that porch!  Good grief!

We ended up sticking these things there to keep Gigi away from a lot of those things there behind that panel and gate

But look at all that messy flooring and window sills  and even those curtains!
And once we replace those screens with glass we'll be able to remove those white iron things that kept the dogs away from the screens.

Gigi would jump up on the wall and it got really really messy!  But since it's actually brick, it'll be easy to clean that up.  Then we'll probably cover it with some sort of panel that can be washed much more easily if it gets messy again.

And even the dog gate was a MESS -- we actually had to change that one out eventually!
  Of course, now that Gig's in her late 2 years old, she's gotten a lot better about this horrendous mess, but she's still quite difficult for us to handle her.  So once we repair that portion of the porch, we'll be setting her up over on the OTHER end of the porch - but this time with a metal fence line covering the wall over on that side so she can't chew up the wall over there anymore either.  We thought about selling her, but I need to be sure that whoever buys her would be really nice to her, since she really IS a fine girl these days.    

Anyway, as I said, when we get that porch redone, instead of those screens we have on that entire portion of that back porch, we're going to install solid GLASS instead of any screen in that entire portion of the porch right outside our master bedroom and the livingroom. And as I said, we just got a heating/air conditioner (it has arrived - but it'll be a month or two before we get that porch redone).

Oh, and we're also going to install marble window sills and marble walls below the windows all the way down to the floor so the walls will stay just fine indefinitely as well.  I'm going to put Gigi crate out there so she can sleep in her crate at night out there in the heat and air conditioning and she won't need to come inside the house.

Anyway -- we're getting that marble over at "Jenkins Tile and Marble" over on Industriplex Blvd -- they have all sorts of of FINE marble things.  

Jenkins Tile and Marble really doesn't look like a store, but it sure is FULL of  marble and various flooring inside in that big building.

If YOU have any interest in that sort of thing, you could check them out on Facebook:

So anyway that porch -- well it'll become a "room" rather than a porch -- will have all those nice clear glass windows so we can see the entire back pasture AND the horse barn.  I'm going to LOVE sitting out there!  And I think I'll even put a bed out there again the way I used to have!   

Well, it's going to be a while, but I'll post the renewed porch AND the changes in the back yard when we get around to it. I'll show you later!

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I'm happy to hear that your back is feeling better and hope the home repairs go well.