Friday, June 26, 2015

Solar panels are in! . . . Yippee!

Well, it's been storming horrendously off and on pretty much every day lately.  But since it was nice and clear most of the morning yesterday, that worked well for the solar panel installation.   I loved the fact that all of the solar panels were able to fit on the garage roof so the house itself can look the same as always.  And that also made it much simpler for them to install since all the panels are now just above our electrical panel in the garage, and right above the electrical utility meter on the outside of the garage as well. 

They're getting started . . .

Here they are beginning that installation.  
But during the storm the day before yesterday the wind was over 50 miles an hour.  It was so horrendous that it soaked all the porch windows (those NEVER get wet) and it apparently blew so strong that it lifted up the edge of the roof at the top of the house!  See it up there in the picture above -- there above that second floor window?  Wow! 
They're beginning to install the solar panels here once 
those things that they're fastened onto had been put on there.
But look at that repaired roof at the top of the house!

I called a number of roofers to come out and deal with the raised-up roof, but no one would come before next Monday and I was afraid if we got yet another huge storm the water would blow into the attic and soak through the ceiling!  So I asked the guy who was in charge of the solar panel installation if he knew anyone who could come out right away.  He said he thought he knew a couple of them and that he would give them a call.  But when I came back out to watch them putting up those solar panels I saw that the house roof was perfectly back to normal!  Wow!  It turned out that the guy in charge got one of those guys who were up there installing the panels to screw that metal roof back down as well!  We sure are grateful!

So here's the completed solar panel.  Excellent!

Anyway, they got the entire solar panels installed while it was still clear and sunny out there.  But then the other guys who installed the solar electrical system came over to deal with that an hour or so after they left, and by the time they got ALMOST done it began to storm AGAIN!  But theymanaged to get it done, so everything is completed now.  We'll be able to check the status of our electrical billing online -- no need to even go outside to check it out!  And the utility meter has also been replaced.  The new one can now actually spin BACKWARD whenever the solar electricity exceeds our house electricity consumption -- it sends that extra power back to Entergy.  So the solar panels not only make it possible to need much less electricity from Entergy, but it can also reduce our fees even more by sending back some extra solar electricity.  Great!  

And although the total cost for the solar installation and their assistance anytime necessary over the next 25 years is $25,000, the amount we actually need to pay will only be $5000 because a total of  $20,000 will be returned from the US and the Louisiana tax returns.  Amazing!   So if you'd also like to get some solar panels at YOUR house, check out SunPro - the company who installed ours (they've been in business for decades so they will no doubt remain around through that entire 25 years of assistance as well):

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