Thursday, April 2, 2015

Wow! . . . everything getting done!

Got back in contact with Blaze Zuvich, the guy who built that new porch on the side of the barn last summer.
There's that side porch Blaze built last summer.  
So now we want him to extend that porch all the way around the back of the barn.  That back porch roof will attach to both the one he built last summer and that one on the other side of the barn that went up when the barn was built originally.

Here's that porch Blaze built  - taken after Jerry got it painted to match the rest of the barn.
And Jerry will be back painting again once that new back one is added.

Good thing he likes to paint!
So anyway, Blaze came by last night already delivering all the supplies he needs to build that porch -- except the metal roofing . . . that stuff is coming tonight.  And I think he's planning to put in the posts tonight or tomorrow so that he can come by to work on building the entire porch on Saturday.  If it doesn't get completed Saturday, then I'm sure he'll finish it up during the coming week.  

Then when he's done building that porch, his next project will be adding the louvers to the corner of the front porch to provide privacy in that corner area.  

Once the louvers are on the porch, Mark will be keeping his golf cart behind those louvers on the porch again right where it is in this photo -- but with those louvers installed it won't be visible there anymore. (This picture was taken quite a while back -- obviously there were no "sliding barn doors" on our front windows then and the trim pieces and furniture on the porch were not yet painted dark aqua.)

This photo was taken last summer -- now all those plants have been removed
and we'll be adding a lot of new dirt and some nice green-all-year bushes
(haven't decided what kind just yet) there in front of the porch before long.  

You know what else I'd like to add? . . . SOMETHING in the center of that wall on the second floor up there above the front door.  There's really no good space for another window in the room up there (I thought about adding a small round window but it won't look good from the inside), so maybe it would be good to just get something pretty to just nail on up there.  Hmmm.  Something to think about.  Well, here are a couple of things I'm considering:

This one is a little more than 3 feet wide.
I'd like to spray paint it the same dark aqua as the trim on the porch.

This one is 47" wide by 22" tall and I'd paint this one dark aqua as well,
with a very pale blue or white "C" in the center.
(we would put a "C" on there instead of that H, of course).
This one is probably best since it's very wide but not very tall.
That upstairs wall above the porch roof obviously isn't very tall, after all.

Okay.  Time for work . . . but I sure can't wait for BOTH Mark and me to be retired!

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