Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Serious progress!

David has been accomplishing everything at once all of a sudden!  The drawers next to the new oven and below the cook top are installed - they just need a half circle cut in along the top edge for pulling them open so we won't have to put any hardware on there, and then they need to be painted to match all the rest of the cabinets.

But he also replaced the (painted over) hinges on all the cabinet doors with chrome ones I bought years ago and that never had been installed. 

AND he managed to get the bottom panel of the garage door that got pulled off when it got caught on my trailer hitch so it doesn't drag across the top of my truck!   Thanks! 

AND he replaced the drain on that new disposal with one with a "U" in the line so that odors can't come up out of that drain anymore.  (We had been keeping it sealed shut so we couldn't smell the drain until now.  Whew!)

And next, he's going to build FIVE dutch stall doors made of double layers of 3/4" marine plywood (heavy!), then he's going to paint them teal with water-proof paint AND a sealer.  They'll match those shutters on our front porch and our front door, making the barn match the house AND the hay barn.  Love it! 

Wouldn't have thought teal would work with pale blue, would you? 
But it turns out I really love it!

Duke would probably have gone on inside the hay shed 
except that the shed was FULL of hay bales --
one of which he had removed by the time we caught up with him.    ;-D

Here's the barn before adding a bit of teal - pretty boring, huh?

Then just a bit was added around the door in front and it made a nice difference. 
Now when all five of the dutch stall doors are teal
it will REALLY look good with the house, I think.  Can't wait!
(Oh, and there are raised beds around the front of the barn now, too,
that are going to be painted teal as well -- eventually.  Sigh.)

AND we will be able to seal the horses inside the barn safely if we get another hurricane.  As Mark is always saying, if a hurricane comes while he's at work, take the dogs and go stay in the barn because the barn is safer than the house!  Not sure I'll do that -- unless the thing is coming directly over us -- since the generator keeps the A/C's and refrigerators and stoves and all working inside, but it IS good to know the horses will be safe.

Oh - David is also going to install locks on both the doors to the storage shed in back so Duke can't get in there (or be PUT in there) anymore.  Yes! 

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