Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Flood receding . . .

Well, it IS still raining but the weather guy insists that it will finally end tomorrow.  Well, it's about da...d time!   I remember when the barn over at Al's flooded some years back, but that's the only time I can remember when the water was as deep as it is now.  On the plus side, it has receded in our yard finally.  When I came home from work on Friday, the Parish was digging out blockages in the drain ditch along the road.  So maybe that actually DID help. 

It time our horses had their feet trimmed again - hasn't been done since the end of November - but we can't even SEE their hooves for all the mud!  They're all absolutely covered with mud, and there's no place at all where I can give them a bath at the moment without them getting in mud up to their knees again on their way back to their stalls.  But if it does stop raining tomorrow finally, I'll probably be able to wash them off over on the driveway this weekend and then get them back in their stalls still clean.  I hope.  But I think I'll wait until next week to get their feet trimmed, though.  Zoilo will be riding Jan's horse Digger over at the Cory Bourque clinic this weekend since Jan will still be up in Mississippi with her mom.  So I doubt that he'll have time to bother this week.

Been really enjoying having Joey out in the house lately.  He's come a long way from ONLY being in his crate when he's inside the house.  Hope he's actually gotten over eating the walls and doors forever.  Fingers crossed!  (But I'm still not letting him loose inside when I'm not there to keep an eye on him!  Sorry, Joey . . . but you completely ruined my trust when you ate the bedroom walls!  It's going to take some time for me to get over that.) 

Joey - January 2013.  He LOOKS like such a meany, doesn't he?  But he's really a sweetheart.  Honest!
Mark went back to work last night.  He was NOT looking forward to it.  His tool-pusher quit and the guy they replaced him with is one Mark can't stand!  Well, he has less than two more years to work.  He's put up with a lot of really tacky guys for longer than that before.  I'm sure he can deal with this one, too.  Still - not a good new years present. 

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