Friday, December 28, 2012

Something to think about . . .

Well, I AM at work - but I'm not planning to stay.  I still have a few hours of PTO and I plan to use them up completely!

As you probably know, Vickie has been working from home for quite a while now assisting Ph.D. students with their theses.  (Lucky girl!  As she says, she never has a problem with dressing for work these days.)  Anyway, she periodically has to meet with students in person and help them with their thesis.  So at the moment, she is over in Dallas with some of her students that she usually deals with online.  But John is still here in BR until Saturday.  Today, though, he's over in Lafayette helping move Christine and Judy  into a new, much larger apartment over there.  Judy is selling her house and will be staying with Christine and her girls, so they definitely needed a larger space.    

You know, I thought of Judy when I saw a number of articles about a "granny pod" over the last week or so.  They're actually called "med cottages" and they're very cute!

AND they're a WHOLE lot cheaper than living in a nursing home or even an assisted living facility - that's for sure.

Check out these descriptions:

Then there was also an NPR interview with the guy who came up with them.

And for that matter, AARP also talks about them.

And of course, they also have a
Facebook page (doesn't EVERYONE???).

Since that web site indicates that they are in Virginia, I went ahead and e-mailed them to see if they were available in Louisiana. Apparently they are not just yet.  But he did send me the layouts of the different versions and info about what's in there. 


Here it is being delivered.

What's really great for Judy (and probably would be for Mark and me down the road) is that ceiling track where you can add either a trapeze that runs along the ceiling between the bed and the bathroom if you want to walk while holding onto something, OR you can have an actual carrier that you can sit in and have someone else push you back and forth.  That way it's not impossible for someone small to take care of someone who's way too heavy for them to carry.  

I really think it would be great to live in a place like that instead of an assisted living facility where family members have to make a "trip" to see you.  That way they can stop by whenever they feel like it just by walking out their back door!  But both of you  have your privacy, too, in a far better way than is possible if living together in the same house.   I love that, I really do!  I sure hope that by the time Mark and I can't deal with our huge house that they will be available down here.  They probably will -- when John Clary sent me all that info, he hinted that they will be available soon out of Monroe, Louisiana.  Excellent!  

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