Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Poor Liz

Lizzie didn't seem to notice much pain as long as she wasn't being touched that first day of her wound.  But now? . . .  she HURTS.   She hurts so much that she doesn't even want to eat anything.  I had planned to put all her pain meds and antibiotics and Cushings meds into her feed.  But since she's refusing to eat it, I'm not sure HOW the heck we're going to deal with her.  Mark is going to go pick up some apple sauce this morning and see if we can get her to eat her (powder) antibiotics  mixed with that.  We can force the pain med paste into her mouth if necessary, but we have GOT to figure out how the heck to get her to eat the antibiotics. 

I sent Torri an e-mail asking if she's still going over to Al's to feed their horses each night (or if Daniel is doing that instead).  If she does, I'll be more than happy to pay her to stop by and give Lizzie her antibiotics by injection each day for a while -- although I haven't actually checked with Ann yet to see if that's a good plan.  Hmm.  So do I call Ann first, and then Torri?  Or Torri first and then Ann?

Or maybe I'll just wait until Mark goes after that apple sauce and see if THAT works first.

Lizzie also needs to be walked around out in the front so she can move around grazing out there for a while without being allowed to just lay down (which is what she does immediately when we let her out of her stall on her own).

I wish I weren't at work.  (And I'm sure Mark does too!)  

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