Saturday, September 15, 2012

More done

I got these metal flowers for the wall in my half of the master bath a few weeks ago.  But when it came it was in pieces that needed to be put together.  Yuk!  But I FINALLY managed to get it put together and put up this week.  I like it - but it's good that it's just MY bath.  Probably a bit feminine for Mark's taste.
As for his bath, we finally picked up a new toilet yesterday, but we're still in the process of deciding what kind of medicine cabinet to have installed and what color to paint the walls, so his won't be done for a while yet.
In the meantime, David has been out working on the porch.  He got it sanded down early this week.
This corner end of the porch is where we had BEEN storing hay bales in the winter
with a tarp hung up around them.  It was NOT attractive.  But no more!
Then yesterday he got the first layer of paint on there. 
 (Good grief - that porch looks really loooong with no furniture on there, doesn't it?  )
(That door IS going to get repainted.  A DARK color this time. )
Next week he's going to use a special sprayer to fill in all the grooves between the boards that didn't get filled in completely with the brush.  And THEN he'll be ready to put two coats of that urethane topper on there.  After that our obvious NEXT project is going to have to be getting rid of all those weeds there in front of the porch, huh?  If we're really going to enjoy sitting out there, we need to get those flower beds updated. 
Got a metal multi-part art piece for the bedroom.  I'm really disappointed with it -- it's not nearly as detailed as it appeared in the online photos of it --
Here's the online photo
And here's how it actually looks.
but I decided to go ahead and put it up and keep it anyway  - for now anyway.
Got a note from Buddy and Lisa this morning.  They plan to come by tomorrow and cook something again!  Wow.  Really looking forward to THAT, let me tell you. 
Well, it's late - time for bed again already.  But first, I need to go sort out the dogs. Rocky and Boo have been hanging out together all day, but now I'm going to bring Rocky into the bedroom so Joey will have some company tonight.  I'll have to close that door because I am NOT going to let Joey run everywhere in the house.  You've seen just SOME of the stuff he's destroyed in the bedroom and bathroom.  I have no intention of testing the entire HOUSE to see if it's Joey-proof! 
Joey has been outside on the porch all day while Boo and Rocky have been hanging out.  So now I'm going to bring him in to sleep inside and let him have Rocky for company.  Life is complicated.
But good.

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