Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I thought those guys from Houston would be here this morning to start building that 10 X 20 building.  By noon I was definitely beginning to wonder if they would show.  So by 1:30 I was on the phone to their company.  They FINALLY got here a between 1:30 and 2.   I left work about 3:30 and here's as far as they had gotten by the time I got home:
Mark checked on them as they began and the wood at the base is treated, and those pink studs are termite treated so - good deal. 
And I'll tell you what, those two guys worked straight through from 2 to 11 - no breaks.
Those white lights on top of the building are on their heads!
(That bright yellow light is a street light - good thing that was there!)

And eventually looking out the window from the house there was no way to see them at all!

Apparently they're used to working at night, though, because they both had those lights they wore on their heads while they did things like putting the shingles on the roof in total darkness.
I admit that when they got here that late I thought the building wasn't going to be worth much since I thought they'd be throwing it together in just a few hours.  But it turned out not to be all that straightforward.   Took them a good 9 hours or more.  My only fear now is that they may  have left some nails or something on the ground in Lizzie's paddock because it was so SO dark when they cleaned up.  So I led Lizzie out of her paddock when she finished eating tonight, and locked the gate behind her.  I'll go check over the ground around that building tomorrow  morning before letting her wander in there loose again.
Guess if I'm going to do that, though, I better get to bed right now!

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Misfit in Paradise said...

If you have one, take a big magnet out there. That is how my husband always cleaned up a job site.