Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Whose room IS that?

Well, I do still love the new arrangement of our bedroom with the chaise and the new fireplace -- but it's looking like I may never get to enjoy it personally.  It took Joey about a minute and a half to appropriate the chaise for himself!  He loves that thing!

And Rocky loves it that Joey has taken over the chaise . . .
because that means that now HE gets to hang out on the bed that Joey used to claim.  As for me? . . . well, there's always a guest room, I guess .

At least I planned ahead and put clean blankets on the chaise before letting the dogs in there, anyway. 

But truthfully, once it's bedtime (for us) it actually works quite well.  Rocky will not only get down when he's told, but will STAY off the bed -- unlike Joey who always climbed back up the moment there was no one awake to tell him not to.  So now that Joey is hanging out on the chaise, we have the bed to ourselves ALL NIGHT once again!   That works.

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