Sunday, December 3, 2017

I took Joey over to LSU at a dog doctor ("Dr. Pichau") working on Joey's terrible issues all over his body.  His whole body was a mess -- his hair was messy - places of it taken off, and his next in front was terrible pinkish!    And his ears were also just awful.  They sure were messy and he constantly shaked his head so his ears were probably itching and it obviously felt wrong to him.  Poor guy.  And his neck was also awful - his hair there on his neck was gone and his next was just bright pink.  Not good!   

But now he's just SO much better.  It took more than three years when they fixed him up.  And I still have to give him SO many pills -- 7 in the morning, and 5 more in the evening.  I guess I have to keep giving him all those pills for almost another month.  But he is SO much better these days. 

And soon Gigi's birthday will be coming -- over on December 13, 2017 she will be 4 years old.  (As a Cane Corso she was born back in December 13, 2013 -- we bought her in January 2014 -- but I'm not sure how old she will actually be.)

I don't know when Gigi (Cane Corso) and Joey (Staffordshire) will be living how long.  But since I'm only 73, I'm pretty sure I can live long enough to take care of both of them!   

Oh - by the way, I also just got my back fixed up last week so I can behave now just as I always did previously.  What a relief! 

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